Get excited about the OnCourse Family


We love what we do. We work tirelessly to make a difference in the education space.


Be a part of a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We report to & interact directly with one of the founders.


We are all Intrapreneurs. There is immense opportunity to grow, personally and professionally.


We enjoy being proactive. Bonuses and incentives are linked to performance.


We create something new everyday. Our goal is to revolutionize the education space.


Life at OnCourse wouldn't be the same without the regular team outings, game nights and team offsite.

Who We Are

We’re driven, passionate and focused. We work under the roof of inspiration and ethics. We’re patient yet determined to create a difference in the Indian education sector, one mentor-student relationship at a time.

Where We’re Going

Our core motto is continuous improvement. We seek perfection in all that we do, and are intent on creating a third space for our mentees – a familiar place where they’re understood and heard.

Who We’re Looking For

If you are incessantly innovative and unswervingly goal-oriented, we believe you’d make a great mentor.If you’re passionate about the education space, and are eager to make a difference, we think you would be a good fit for the OnCourse family.


OnCourse Associate / Senior Associate (Full-time):

As an associate/senior associate, your primary goal is that of a mentor. You will be assigned to students across Grades 8-12. Grade 8 and 9 focus on essential soft skills such as reading, writing, public speaking and effective communication skills. During Grades 10-11, your focus deepens into tangible skills such as advised activities, community service and career-related goals. In Grade 12, you assist them completely with their applications. Your secondary role can vary from Marketing and Business development, to content and curriculum development, to heading a program, to teaching.

UPrep Teacher (Part Time)

UPrep, our SAT / ACT Test Prep Division is a dynamic and exciting field. As a teacher, you should be proficient in your chosen subject (Math, English, and/or Science) and be familiar with the SAT/ACT. Your functions include teaching small batches, creating detailed teaching plans and strategies and comprehensive feedback sessions for students. First time teachers who are passionate about the subject may also apply.