MAY 2, 2018

The best way to describe my OnCourse mentor is as a helpful friend who always goes the extra mile. During our conversations, she made me question who I am as a person and what makes me who I am; and those conversations subliminally helped me write my essays more than any amount of professional mentoring ever could. She had the patience for my endless shenanigans and would take time out of her day to help me send an application that I started a few hours before the submission deadline. She did not complain even though she had every reason to. Without her, none of my applications would have been submitted on time. OnCourse helped me put my crazy ideas into words and spin something that somehow got me into Duke. They were always so approachable and truly gave me their 100%. With OnCourse, I could tell that they actually wanted what was best for me, beyond just doing their job as my mentors. I would strongly recommend OnCourse to anyone looking for a mentor or just someone to help you make it through high school.

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