OnCourse really helped me throughout the application process from suggesting creative ways to build my resume and pursue different extra-curricular activities to helping me choose which colleges would be the best fit and perfecting my essays. My mentors were extremely accessible, and resourceful as they helped me choose which courses to apply to and worked with me around the clock on the finer details of my application. It was a pleasure to work with OnCourse. Ultimately, they helped me craft a successful and well-rounded application

Aditya Sundesha, Northwestern University

My experience at OnCourse these past few years has been exceptional and that’s because they’re so much more than your regular, commercial college counsellor. Apart from shaping up your profile, forming the right strategy, and perfecting your essays, they really understand you. They know exactly who you are and they genuinely want you to do well and be the best version of yourself. They proved most valuable when navigating certain crucial decisions, such as changing school curriculums, choosing the right subjects, majors, colleges where I completely trusted them. They were rooting for me all the way, even when I was personally going through a tough time. While they are thorough professionals, for them you’re not just a client, you’re family.

Pranit Jain, University of California Berkeley

I’d really like to thank OnCourse for all the help they provided me during my entire college application process. Recently I got into my ED, which was Tufts University, but they helped me with all of my college choices and they helped me make my application strong starting from the 9th grade. With numerous extracurriculars, with telling me when to keep my grades up, helping me with my subject selection. They were with me through every part of the process, and my counsellor was so helpful in not only giving me the right guidance and support as to what I should be doing to maximize my chances for university and to make my application as strong as possible, but also in giving me that degree of emotional support and that degree of help understanding how to deal with time management, responsibilities, and stress. OnCourse was critical through the process and I cannot thank them enough

Yohan Khan, Tufts University

Throughout my high school journey, my counsellors at OnCourse always did everything to make me realise where my heart lies and help me identify the steps I must take to reach my goal. The ever stressful college application process was made much easier for me as my mentors helped me narrow down college lists in advance and gave me detailed guidance on each essay. Were it not for the OnCourse family that does so much more than just college counselling, I don’t think I would’ve ever made it to my dream college!

Manya Kalra, Brown University

The OnCourse Team introduced me to the entire concept of liberal arts colleges.

Rather than worrying only about the best-ranked colleges, they helped me find the college that was the perfect fit for me and my passions! The entire team was always so enthusiastic and keen for me to do well, and they pushed me to make sure I achieve my potential.

It has been a really fun and unforgettable journey with OnCourse! A special thanks to my mentor for being super approachable and guiding me successfully through what I initially felt was an impossible task.


Eshika Arora, Pomona College

The best way to describe my OnCourse mentor is as a helpful friend who always goes the extra mile. During our conversations, she made me question who I am as a person and what makes me who I am; and those conversations subliminally helped me write my essays more than any amount of professional mentoring ever could. She had the patience for my endless shenanigans and would take time out of her day to help me send an application that I started a few hours before the submission deadline. She did not complain even though she had every reason to. Without her, none of my applications would have been submitted on time. OnCourse helped me put my crazy ideas into words and spin something that somehow got me into Duke. They were always so approachable and truly gave me their 100%. With OnCourse, I could tell that they actually wanted what was best for me, beyond just doing their job as my mentors. I would strongly recommend OnCourse to anyone looking for a mentor or just someone to help you make it through high school.

Smayan Mehra, Duke University

The college application process is incredibly challenging, especially for international students. Having a support system that can guide you through it is very important. OnCourse was that support system for me. Not only did I receive constant and personalised feedback on every aspect of my application, but I also built relationships with people I could rely on for emotional support through this very stressful period. No matter how big or small a problem seemed, I never hesitated to contact MY OnCourse counselors who helped me succeed in high school. The personal interest counselors take in every student is what truly sets OnCourse apart. My application process was definitely more structured and less stressful thanks to OnCourse.

Ananya Poddar, Northwestern

Going through the college process can be quite an emotional roller-coaster at times. School grades, standardized test scores, co-curriculars, essays and the list goes on. I genuinely believe that OnCourse made the entire process a lot smoother and less stressful. More importantly, the mentors were always so friendly, that I felt comfortable shouting out to them with college concerns at any point in the day. OnCourse enables you to form a close relationship with your mentor, allowing the mentor to get to know you on a personal level, helping you choose the college that will suit you best. It was OnCourse that encouraged me to apply ED to Wesleyan. I think it was one of the best decisions of my life so far!

Siddhant Ahuja, Wesleyan College

Oncourse effectively broke down the frustratingly long college application into a clear, organized, step-by-step process, making it efficient and easy. This streamlined process is necessary when one considers all the other things a high school student has to do (SATs, Exams etc). I am extremely thankful to OnCourse for making the process a lot less stressful and for ensuring my college application was a success.

Yohan Jhaveri, Emory University

Big Thank You to OnCourse for helping me with college admissions process. My mentor was super helpful and approachable. She patiently dealt with all the questions I came across. Without their assistance and constant support, I wouldn’t have been at a great college like USC.

Daksh Chawla, USC

OnCourse provided me with invaluable support and help all through the undergrad admission process. Their team guided me right from short-listing colleges to navigating all the paperwork & meeting deadlines. I felt like I could reach out to them at any point when I had to make critical decisions. It was great to work with such a professional team!

Yohann Surti, Cornell University

OnCourse has assisted me through every step of the US college application process – not just when I applied as a first-year student, but also with the transfer process! My mentors ensured that I had complete creative control of my essays, while at the same time guiding me in the right direction with a plethora of tips and useful advice. They helped me showcase my strengths, letting colleges know why I was the right candidate for them – why I stood out. The amount of personal attention I got from OnCourse really was invaluable. I’m currently studying Economics and Music at the University of Michigan and could not be happier!

Akshay Mahimtura, University of Michigan

The OnCourse team was very knowledgeable and friendly. They were super helpful and always available for my questions at any time of the day. They handheld me through the entire application process, and helped me with everything – essays, college list, resume, forms and powerpoint presentations!

Antara Jaggi, Babson College

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to OnCourse for all their input, help and so much more. The mentors were always prompt and approachable. The process couldn’t have even begun without their advice.

Advait Kaushik, University of Chicago

My experience with OnCourse was great! The help with the entire application process was amazing! The team helped me a lot. They made my college application experience much easier than it would have been. It was great fun!

Kabir Bajaj, University of Michigan

My experience with OnCourse was very good. They made sure that I had everything that needed to be submitted ready well in advance. They helped me with everything – from deciding my college list to editing my concept notes. I can’t imagine having gone through the process without their guidance.

Nandini Kothari, SAIC

It had always been my dream to pursue a degree in Economics abroad. Not knowing what steps to take and whether to go to the U.S. or the U.K, I enrolled with OnCourse for some advice. The team supported me through the entire process, guiding me through every stage. When the time came to deciding on where to go, their insights, direction and recommendations helped me make the right choice. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go to Berkeley, as it is the perfect fit for me.

Neel Patel, UC Berkeley

It was a great 3.5 to 4 years. They really helped me prepare mentally for college and be ready when the time came around. If it wasn’t for OnCourse, I would have been super confused about everything.

Shrreya Aagarwal, Northeastern University

The counselors were super helpful! They patiently answered all my doubts and each essay went through multiple edits until it was perfect!

Zahra Kagalwalla, University of Notre Dame

Working with OnCourse made the college process seem much less daunting than it is. Having people to talk to and review your work is super helpful especially since everyone who interacts with you knows you so well. Whether it’s building your application or piecing together a heartfelt essay, OnCourse was always ready to give their support.

Laleh Pandole, University of Pennsylvania

Stanford was my dream college but I knew that getting admission there would be a tough ask. Oncourse made the complex task of the US admissions process manageable. Their assistance in choosing the colleges, ensuring that we optimize the selection process without losing sight of my dream college was invaluable. Their stellar competence in the multiple areas of the admission work is a huge asset. However, what really stands out is their enthusiasm, keenness to help and the flexibility to be available when needed – including during the critical days before the admission deadline. A big thank you to the entire team at OnCourse.

Rohan Sampath, Stanford University

The OnCourse team is awesome! They not only helped me build and improve my profile to highlight my strengths, but also ensured I attend a college that is suited to my personality.

Vidit Bhandarkar, Duke University

I remember coming to OnCourse, completely confused about the college admissions process. They not only helped me build and improve my profile to highlight my strengths, but also ensured I attend a college that is suited to my personality

Saumya Karki, Harvard University

The counsellors at OnCourse were instrumental in guiding me through the MBA application process.. from helping me think about and formulate my goals to packaging my background/credentials succinctly and preparing me for interviews. They really understand what the top schools are looking for, were always available and made the entire process as stress-free as possible for me.

Anuj Lohia, Harvard Business School

This was my 2nd attempt at applying for a business school. This time around I decided to take help from OnCourse and its fantastic team, after hearing great reviews from some friends. I could not have been happier with the guidance they provided. They helped me at every step of the way with great insights and words of confidence. From working on my story and shortlisting the right schools to the interview prep, they were completely invested in the process. I would like to thank the OnCourse MBA team, without whom this journey would have been 10 times harder. I sincerely recommend OnCourse to anyone who is thinking of applying to business school.

Nirvi Desai, Yale School of Management

September 2013, I entered OnCourse with a head full of dreams and the naïveté of a 22-year-old fresh graduate. A stern but clear conversation with OnCourse’s MBA team gave me a reality check and a direction to grow.

September 2017, having taken their advice, I approached OnCourse with a singular focus – Kellogg’s MMM program, just 20 days prior to the R1 deadline. The true test of any service comes at the time when the service provider is not bound by any contractual obligations. Even though OnCourse didn’t need to commit to such a tight timeline, their MBA team worked with me through many sleepless nights to push forward a quality application in time. The MBA team’s speed, work ethic and their ability to grasp your story and cull out the important details really helped me portray my work experience holistically. The team kept me focused and crisp in my essays while always pushing me to give more details and share more experiences. At the end of that marathon effort, I had decided to apply to IE business school’s International MBA as well – a week before the deadline. Once again OnCourse helped me take the challenge head-on without any complaints. Within a month of getting OnCourse onboard for my MBA journey, I had not only applied to two of the top B-schools in the world and got admits to both but I also found really good friends and advisors in my OnCourse MBA team. All in all my investment into OnCourse helped me shape and achieve my dreams.

Achal Shah, Kellog School of Management

OnCourse has the perfect blend of knowledgeable, insightful and approachable professionals who have a thorough understanding of what is expected of an MBA application. They strive to go the extra mile to assist the applicant in achieving the best! With OnCourse, you’re definitely on course!

Dev Mehta, Oxford Said School of Business

Big thank you to OnCourse for guiding me to get to the Elliot School of International Affairs. The masters application process was an overwhelming one and I couldn’t have asked for better mentors. They always believed in me and helped me gain clarity of thought.  Their constant positive reinforcement and advice has brought me a step closer to achieving my dream.

Pratyusha Sibal, George Washington University

I had an easy time working with OnCourse. We co-ordinated across two different timezones, and I never felt ignored. They could relate to what I was going through, and provided me valuable input on where my focus should lie when writing essays. Their comments on my essays were extremely honest and insightful. Such targeted pointers really helped add depth to my essays. Thanks to OnCourse, I received a 100% scholarship at Stern and 30% Scholarship at Fuqua! I would definitely recommend OnCourse Vantage.

Meghna Hegde, NYU Stern School of Business

As an entrepreneur, IE Madrid was the perfect fit for me. However, it seemed that my B-school aspirations had hit a dead end when I attained a lower than expected GMAT score. OnCourse aided me through my essays and interviews by creating a well-rounded MBA story that integrated my future goals with my past achievements.

Krish D. – MBA, I.E Madrid

I knew I wanted to apply to an MBA program, but given my extensive work load and travel schedule, I didn’t have much time to do so. The OnCourse team played a critical role in helping me narrow down my list of schools to the few that were a great fit for me and my personal goals. They helped me identify my strengths, formulate the overarching theme of my application, prepare for interviews, and manage my time efficiently so that I could put together the best possible applications. I am extremely excited to be attending MIT Sloan – and extremely grateful to OnCourse for their invaluable contributions to my admission.

Akshay Singh – MIT, Sloan School of Management

Having to simultaneously run a business and apply for an MBA is a colossal task. The OnCourse team helped to reduce the burden of the application process tremendously. From the very first meeting to the pre-departure seminar, OnCourse assisted me, giving me invaluable advice and guidance with utmost professionalism.

Rushabh Vora, INSEAD

It has just been a week since I received my MBA admit with a generous amount of scholarship and it made me reflect back on my journey till date. While I had taken the efforts to build my profile over the years, it was OnCourse who gave it the much needed glamorous touch. Had it not been for their constant encouraging words and the right guidance this admission wouldn’t have come through.  They know what is expected of you through the application process and won’t stop unless they get the best out of you. Throughout the application process, they were always available to address my doubts and perfect my essays. I remember the patience with which the team helped me overcome my mistakes after each mock interview and I owe a huge part of my scholarship amount to the way I was able to carry myself through the interview process.

Apurva Paranjpe, Georgetown McDonough School of Business

The MBA team, was instrumental in fine tuning my essays to ensure I got into my first choice business school. Their commitment and attention to detail helped me get my message across and land an interview. For the interview stage, their direct and honest feedback during mock interviews sharpened my improvisational skills and helped me develop an interview presence. Recommend OnCourse to anyone during their MBA application process.

Jai Nanavati, Cornell Tech

UPrep was extremely reliable and available while I was prepping for the SAT. The tests that I could take everyday were a great form of practice and the feedback and answer explanations really helped me understand why I was repeating certain mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Raina Rathod, Cathedral & John Connon School

I am so glad I joined the ACT prep with UPrep at OnCourse. The regular classes and feedback sessions really helped me work on my weaknesses. Both my teachers, Radhika and Vinod were super helpful and explained everything so well. Taking online mock tests helped me with the paper pattern for the official test and helped me get a good score

Vedant Sharda, Bombay International School

UPrep really helped me achieve the score I did achieve in the SAT. The instructors were always available to clear up any doubts and the counsellors were very motivational. My first SAT attempt did not go exactly as planned and the counsellors encouraged me to not give up and to continue to work at it. The full-length practice tests they provided helped me greatly in preparing for the SAT

Aryaman Kejriwal, Cathedral and John Connon, Columbia University

UPrep ensured that the environment was a perfect simulation of what Test Day would be like. Furthermore, they were extremely flexible with timings, and always available to clear any doubts I might have had. Their practice tests helped build my confidence and were absolutely essential to my level of comfort with the ACT

Rehaan Naik, Bombay International School

UPrep helped me greatly with the SAT. The Math and English programs are very helpful. The teachers are enthusiastic and always ready to explain concepts again and again as well as sit down for extra practice. The countless practice papers gave me the confidence I needed before the actual SAT. Thank you for helping me out with new concepts and giving me last minute tips and revision worksheets. Also, a big thank you for the pizzas and chocolate biscuits!

Zayana Khan, Bombay International School

I wanted to thank my UPrep teachers and the OnCourse team for making sure that I am best prepared to give my SATs. They have great teachers who made sure that we were thorough and understood whatever concepts were taught in class. However, what I liked best was that they were extremely adjusting while fixing up cover-up classes and feedback sessions. This was very helpful since, I was able to study and practice for the SAT without compromising on my squash training or other tuitions.

Vedant Ambani, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

OnCourse has been the best when it comes to SAT preparation. The tutors are extremely flexible, friendly and efficient. Their resources are very helpful and detailed. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a high score on their SAT. I personally had an improvement from 1190 to 1410. Thank you to everyone at OnCourse who helped me achieve this!

Smit Brahmbhatt, Oshwal Senior High, Nairobi

I want to convey my sincere thanks to the OnCourse team in helping me achieve a full 36 in my ACT exam. Right from the concept explanation to providing revision materials, OnCourse helped ensure that I knew my concept for the exam. Their test series was particularly helpful, allowing me to develop the right testing strategies and techniques. After each test, the Teachers were very accommodating and friendly in scheduling the necessary feedback sessions. Overall, I had a very good experience with OnCourse.

Arnav Tawakley, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Personally, I had a great experience with UPrep, the teachers are not only very helpful but also friendly and supportive. The actual SAT ended up being very similar to the UPrep practice tests.

Kabir Khan, B.D. Somani International School

Joining Uprep for the SAT was a very smart decision. My weak point on the SAT was English and the teacher made it a point to help me overcome my difficulties. She walked us through the test in a way, which wasn’t just informative but also fun and interactive. Classes never got boring because she made it a point to keep us entertained so that we stay focused. Feedback sessions also helped me understand my mistakes and helped me better my score. Generally, I get really bored during tuitions but UPrep was really fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to take care of all my difficulties and make sure I understand all the concepts clearly.

Manav Mehta, Cathedral & John Connon

Studying for the SAT can initially be incredibly daunting — but the personal preparation offered by OnCourse transforms the test from a dreary, intimidating burden to a systematic and easily approachable task. For me, the best thing about the program was the immeasurable amount of one-on-one support and feedback from the many faculty members at OnCourse. A definite recommendation from me to all.

Abhay Singh, Pathways Gurgaon

My SAT classes with OnCourse really helped me analyze my mistakes to see how I could improve, and encouraged me to think and write more innovatively.

Jessy Jindal, TSRS Moulsari

The support and guidance I received at Oncourse during the SAT preparation was exceptional. It really helped me scale up my score during the final stretch.

Hritik Sapra, TSRS Moulsari

Textbooks can prescribe basics but there is no replacement for a teacher that can tell you exactly what to do that will lead to results. UPrep is by far one of the best places to prepare for the SAT. Right from learning the concepts to developing strategies, their course provides a completely different and required approach to the exam. I am extremely grateful to my teachers and mentors at UPrep for leading me to success.

Ananya Agarwal, St Xavier’s College

The amazing faculty at UPrep didn't just help me attain a certain level of proficiency in the SAT through classes and feedback sessions along with a vast array of tests but they also supported and motivated me when I struggled, without which I wouldn't have achieved the same score. I wouldn't be where I am today without the constant encouragement, commitment , and entertainment (and pizza) that I received from Oncourse's brilliant team.

Arnav Agarwal, B.D. Somani International School

The teachers at UPrep are some of the most fun and approachable people I’ve met. The entire course is pretty well structured and systematic.

Vedant Nevatia, Cathedral & John Connon

Thank you OnCourse for all your help and your patience with all the last minute essays and prompt edits. This would not have been possible without all your support and invaluable advice. It has been a busy few months with all the applications and we would not have been able to get through it without you.

Shalini & Kumar Ladha

The entire college application process was overwhelming yet exciting. And I have to say a big thank you to the OnCourse team. They were simply amazing. They always put in their best and I am very happy with the way Shrey’s applications have turned out.

Swati Rajgarhia

The OnCourse team is young but there is so much to learn from all of them. They have been very tolerant of my incessant calls probably and have always clarified all our doubts clearly. Thank you for always being so patient. On several occasions I went to them seeking advice and they always found a common ground we both could agree on. They have always given us sincere suggestions and ably supported us through this process. A big thank you for always being there and returning calls and email responses promptly. It has been a very fruitful and satisfying experience working with the OnCourse Team.

Sigi Arun

Oncourse has a young, happy, dynamic energy to it that enables students to relate to easily. For a first time parent, they are extremely informative and always approachable.

Anahita Uberoi

Throughout his penultimate year of high school, Tushar was able to keep on top of his academics while spending hours on end writing college applications and essays thanks to the help offered from OnCourse. Their guidance was able to secure him a spot at his dream University. Having studied in India for all of my education, I didn't know enough about the US college system to aid my son while he wrote his essays and extracurricular activities. OnCourse proved to be useful in explaining the college system and the do's and do not's when applying to the prestigious universities. Oncourse helped to save a lot of time and their staff was always willing to go one step further for the sake of my son's academic future.

Samir Chopra

It was a great experience throughout the admission process for my daughter Ritika. Their constant guidance and support made all the complicated tasks easy. I will always recommend Oncourse as great mentors and path finders for your future doors to open towards universities. I thank you for everything!

Parul Gupta