The Mentoring & OnCourse Resources program is designed for students in grades 8 through 12. Through the course of the program, the OnCourse team works to capture the child’s passion and potential through a combination of one-on-one sessions, group seminars, and short courses. While the program is specifically tailored to the personal needs of each student, we place a strong emphasis on helping our students grow into well-rounded individuals. Each mentor works to ensure the creation of a Stand out Factor (SOF), to help differentiate student resumes. The ultimate goal of the program is to secure admission into a good college abroad.

Grade 8-10

  • Assistance with time management
  • Focus on resume and profile building
  • Guidance on subject and board selection for Grade 11 and 12
  • Assistance with building verbal & written communication skills
  • Involvement in various personal growth workshops
  • Guidance with summer planning
  • Assistance with boarding school applications
  •  Assistance with summer school applications

Grade 11-12

  • Assistance with standardised test (SAT/ ACT) planning
  • Guidance on course & program selection
  • Assistance with finalising a college list
  • Brainstorming, ideating, and editing essays for college applications
  • Creating timelines and deadlines for applications
  • Preparation for admissions and alumni interviews
  • Guidance on financial aid and scholarships
  • Support for athletic recruitment to colleges
  • Support for performing and visual arts applications
  • Support for architecture applications
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